‘Lift’ by Marc Isaacs, a guest of the UCL Urban Migration Film Festival

Lift (Marc Isaacs, 2001)

This short documentary by Marc Isaacs will be shown in its entirety during the lunch period of the day’s festival.

The film introduces succinctly the organising theme of the afternoon, Negotiation. Here, seated in a lift in a council block of flats, Marc Isaacs interacts and photographs residents of the building as they go about their daily routines: off to work, going shopping, meeting and greeting, returning from work or heading out for a night on the town.

The residents are a typical cross section of the London East End: British, foreign, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic. In the tiny space of the lift they each ethno-think, ethno-perform, whilst Isaacs occupies the position of participant observer, looking on and interacting with them. In this tiny space – a microcosm of inner city London life – a community of people negotiate their relationship to the mega-metropolis in modern-day Britain.

A clip from Lift can be found on the Marc Isaacs Films website: http://www.marcisaacsfilms.com/lift.html

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