Kenedi Goes Back Home: docu-fiction on Roma in the former Yugoslavia

Kenedi Goes Back Home (Zelimir Zilnik, 2003)

Kenedi Goes Back Home(2003) by Zelimir Zilnik is one the filmmaker’s most recent docu-fictions, confronting the cultural and logistical chaos that Roma families are experiencing after the war in former Yugoslavia. Allowed into Fortress Europe as refugees during the 1990s, by the early 2000s families are being forcibly deported to separate, Balkanized states. Many are young people who do not speak the language of the host country and face years of adjustment and displacement. The film will feature in the section titled Transition, exploring the term in several registers: using re-enactment and drawing closely on the participants’ own experiences, the maverick Zilnik captures the personal and collective hi/stories of transition, the geopolitical narrative of ‘states in transition’ as well as the continued transition towards restrictive legal/policy barriers to free movement and settlement within Europe. See Zilnik’s site in English here

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