Reminder of the timetable for tomorrow’s #UCL Urban Migration Film Festival and Symposium

Nearly 200 people have signed up to the UCL Urban Migration Film Festival and Symposium! Make sure to arrive in good time to secure a place if you’re planning to attend tomorrow. Here below is the final timetable:

OPENING 09:30-09:45
Chronicle of a Summer Jean Rouch 09:45-10:45
Crossroads at the Edge of Worlds Charles Heller
Encounters at the End of the World Werner Herzog
Sudeuropa Raphaël Cuomo, Maria Iorio
The Invisibles Marc Silver
The Other Side Eva Palacios
DISCUSSION A: Migrants on the move – Victor Buchli, Tamar Garb, Yohai Hakak, Searle Kochberg (Chair) and Eva Palacios 10:45-11:15
COFFEE BREAK 11.15-11.30
Statue of Liberty Ken Burns 11:30-12:45
Odessa… Odessa Michale Boganim
News from Home Chantal Akerman
Kenedi Goes Back Home Zelimir Zilnik
Calais Marc Isaacs
Bananas Is Not My Business Helena Solberg
DISCUSSION B: Migrants in transition – Victor Buchli, Tamar Garb, Yohai Hakak, Searle Kochberg (Chair) and Eva Palacios 12:45-13:15
Lift Marc Isaacs
Refuge England Robert Vas
West Indians Jack Gold 14:15-15:15
Handsworth Songs John Akomfrah
Trapped in Transition Alexandra Urdea, Amy Greenbank, Lucrezia Barnes-Dacey, Roz Corbett
Little Georgia Manal Wicki, Laura Haapio-Kirk, Daria Prokhorova
Esprit de l’escalier Searle Kochberg
COFFEE BREAK 15:15-15:30
Lisboetas Sérgio Tréfaut 15:30-16:15
Breaking the Plain Christy Johnson
Fragments from the Past Julie Scott
DISCUSSION C: Reflecting on the past, negotiating the present and moving forward – Leslie Hakim-Dowek, Marc Isaacs, Sushrut Jadhav, Christy Johnson, Anne Kershen and Laura Vaughan (Chair) 16:15-17:00
Drinks reception at Central House (ticket holders only). The City That Exploded Slowly, a photo-text series by Leslie Hakim-Dowek, will be screened as a slide-show during the reception

Sign up for the UCL Urban Migration Film Festival here


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Professor of Urban Form and Society and Director of the Space Syntax Lab, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Online in a personal capacity.
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